Your Guide to Edmonton Public Transportation: Getting Around Effortlessly

Welcome to Edmonton, a vibrant city with diverse neighborhoods and a strong sense of community. Whether you're a young professional seeking a trendy condo downtown or a family looking for a spacious home in the suburbs, Edmonton offers a variety of living options. And when it comes to navigating the city, Edmonton's public transportation system, the Edmonton Transit Service (ETS), is a fantastic asset for residents.

This comprehensive guide will explore everything you need to know about using Edmonton public transportation, highlighting its benefits for potential homebuyers and renters.

The Advantages of Using Edmonton Public Transportation

Choosing a neighborhood with convenient public transportation access offers numerous advantages:


ETS fares are significantly cheaper than owning and operating a car. You'll save money on gas, insurance, parking, and maintenance.

Reduced Stress

Skip the hassle of traffic jams and finding parking. Relax and enjoy the ride while letting ETS handle the transportation duties.

Environmentally Friendly

Public transportation reduces your carbon footprint and contributes to a cleaner, greener city.

Improved Connectivity 

ETS offers a vast network, connecting you to various destinations across Edmonton.

Walkability and Vibrancy 

Living near an ETS stop often translates to a more walkable neighborhood with shops, restaurants, and amenities within easy reach. This fosters a stronger sense of community and a more vibrant lifestyle.

Exploring Edmonton with ETS

The ETS system comprises two main components:

Buses: An extensive network of buses covers most areas of the city, offering frequent service and convenient connections to LRT stations.

Light Rail Transit (LRT): The LRT network features a high-speed rail line that efficiently connects major destinations across Edmonton.

Planning Your Trip

ETS offers a user-friendly trip planner on their website https://www.edmonton.ca/ets/maps-routes-schedules-service and mobile app. Simply enter your origin and destination, and the tool will suggest the most efficient route options, including estimated travel times and transfer points.

Fares and Fare Options

ETS offers a variety of fare options to suit your needs:

Adult Fare: The single-ride adult fare provides access for a single trip.

Family DayPass: This affordable option allows unlimited travel for a family of up to five people for a 24-hour period.

1-Day Pass: Enjoy unlimited travel for one day with this convenient option.

3-Day Pass: This pass provides unlimited travel for three consecutive days.

Monthly Pass: For frequent riders, a monthly pass offers significant savings.

Discounted Fares: Seniors and students can benefit from discounted fares.


ETS is committed to providing accessible transportation for all. Most buses are equipped with ramps to accommodate wheelchairs and other mobility aids. LRT stations feature elevators and escalators for easy access to platforms.

Living Near Public Transportation: A Boon for Homebuyers and Renters

When searching for a new home in Edmonton, consider the proximity to public transportation. Here's why:

Increased Property Value 

Studies consistently show that properties located near public transportation stations tend to hold or even appreciate in value over time.

Wider Range of Options 

With convenient access to ETS, you're not limited to neighborhoods with ample parking. This opens up a broader range of housing options to explore.

Reduced Reliance on Cars 

If you choose to live car-free or own just one car per household, living near public transportation offers significant financial benefits and a more sustainable lifestyle.

Finding an Edmonton Home Perfect for You

Whether you're a young professional seeking a lively downtown condo or a family looking for a spacious suburban home, numerous neighborhoods in Edmonton boast excellent access to public transportation. Here are a few examples:

Downtown Core: The heart of the city offers a vibrant atmosphere and excellent access to the LRT network.

Oliver / McCauley: These walkable neighborhoods feature trendy restaurants, cafes, and shops, all well-connected by ETS.

Old Strathcona: This historic district offers a charming atmosphere and convenient access to the LRT.

Westmount: This family-friendly community features numerous parks and schools and is well-served by ETS buses.

Southgate: This suburban area offers a variety of housing options and easy access to the LRT.

Beyond the Basics: Additional Perks of ETS

Park & Ride 

Several ETS locations offer park-and-ride facilities, allowing you to leave your car at a designated location and hop on a bus or LRT for a stress-free commute.

Real-Time Information 

Stay informed about arrival times and service disruptions with the ETS mobile app or by visiting their website https://www.edmonton.ca/ets/maps-routes-schedules-service. Live bus and LRT tracking tools allow you to see exactly where your ride is and plan your arrival accordingly.

Special Events 

During special events like festivals or concerts, ETS often implements additional routes or extends service hours to ensure everyone can get home safely and conveniently.

Discounted Entertainment 

The ETS pass provides discounts on admission to various attractions and entertainment venues throughout the city. Check the ETS website for a current list of participating partners.

Bike & Ride 

Many ETS buses are equipped with bike racks, allowing you to combine cycling with public transportation for a healthy and efficient commute.

Tips for Using Edmonton Public Transportation Like Pro

Purchase a Compass Card 

The Compass Card is a reloadable fare card that offers a convenient and contactless way to pay for your rides. You can purchase and top up your Compass Card at various locations throughout the city.

Plan Your Trip in Advance 

Familiarize yourself with the ETS trip planner and identify the most efficient routes for your regular destinations.

Consider Walking or Cycling 

For shorter distances, consider walking or cycling to your destination. This not only reduces your reliance on public transportation but also provides a healthy dose of exercise.

Be Prepared for Weather 

Edmonton experiences all four seasons. Dress appropriately for the weather conditions and be prepared for potential delays during snowstorms or extreme temperatures.

Download the Mobile App 

The ETS mobile app offers real-time information, trip planning tools, and fare options, all at your fingertips.

Be Courteous 

Respect fellow passengers by maintaining a safe distance, keeping noise levels down, and offering your seat to those in need.

Moving to Edmonton? Let Us Help You Find Your Perfect Home

At The Homess Real Estate, we understand the importance of finding a home that fits your lifestyle needs. Whether you prioritize easy access to public transportation, a vibrant downtown location, or a quiet suburban environment, our team of experienced real estate agents can guide you towards the perfect Edmonton property.

We have a comprehensive understanding of Edmonton's diverse neighborhoods and can connect you with a home that boasts excellent access to public transportation options. Contact us today to discuss your needs and start your Edmonton real estate journey!

In Conclusion

Edmonton's public transportation system, ETS, offers a reliable, convenient, and cost-effective way to navigate the city. By choosing a home with easy access to ETS, you'll enjoy numerous benefits, from financial savings to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. So, whether you're a new resident or a seasoned Edmontonian, consider embracing public transportation and experiencing all that this vibrant city has to offer.



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