Canada Greener Homes Grant

Canadian homeowners can now apply to a new federal government program that offers grants for energy-efficient home upgrades.

The program will offer homeowners grants of up to $5,000 that can be put toward the installation of such energy-saving projects as improved insulation or roof panels, high-efficiency water heaters or heating equipment,

The program also includes grants of up to $600 to be put toward home energy audits.

In order for a home to be eligible for these grants, it must be eligible for an EnerGuide evaluation and be at least six months old.

Those who own detached homes, rowhouses, townhouses, mobile homes and residential units in mixed-use buildings are all able to apply, as are owners of multi-unit residential buildings that have no more than three floors and a footprint no larger than 600 square metres.

The government expects to award 700,000 grants, at an overall cost of $2.6 billion over seven years.

This program will be ending in Summer 2024.

Applications are available on the Natural Resources Canada website. 

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